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Microsoft SkyDrive apps for Windows and OS X, extended storage pricing revealed?

Joe Pollicino

Take this with a salt shaker at hand, but it appears that Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud service is getting some expanded functionality that's been long over due. Dedicated desktop applications for Windows and OS X appear to be in the cards, along options for extra storage if you're willing to pony up some funds. Felipe Zorzo of Gemind uncovered the unannounced details (example above) while accessing its Brazilian web interface. Notably, if SkyDrive's free 25GB of storage has been too paltry for your needs, the paid storage options we mentioned should afford you an additional 20 ($10), 50 ($25) or 100GBs ($50) for your account. We gave our SkyDrive account a perusal and were unable to verify the webpages' existence for ourselves. For now, you'll find the pricing list after the break, and all of the leaked goods at the source link below.

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