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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is getting ready for the Vita

Jordan Mallory

The Vita comes out on Wednesday, First Edition bundles notwithstanding, and we've been hard at work providing you with as much coverage as humanly possible to help you make an informed decision about whether the device is worth your limited time and hard-earned money. We made so much Vita content, in fact, that a lot of it never made it on the site due to various entirely factual and totally not untrue reasons.

For instance! Joystiq's managing editor JC Fletcher swallowed an entire Vita in order to covertly acquire clandestine x-rays of the device's internals, but the x-rays were unreadable once developed due to JC's molybdenum skeleton. Another completely true thing happened when Joystiq reviews editor Richard Mitchell took his Vita to the coasts of Australia to test its housing's resistance to poisonous octopus suckers, but filming permit issues with the Australian government and a complaint filed by the Australian Society for the Ethical Treatment of Poisonous Octopi (ASETPO) kept the resulting coverage offline.

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