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Nikkei: Seaman finds new life on the 3DS


Back in the summer of 2010, a tantalizing prospect came up: Seaman on the 3DS. It was teased by Yoot Saito, the creator of the Dreamcast original, and since then we've been all about it. We've been so about it.

According to a report from Japanese news outlet Nikkei Inc. (via Andriasang), Seaman is the first of many rival-published games Nintendo is aiming to bring to the 3DS. The report mentions Seaman as an example of the types of games Nintendo is looking to revive on the 3DS, yet sadly offers no further detail on the impending update.

Saito, along with three other notable Japanese developers, is working on a special 3DS project for Level-5 called Guild 01. Saito will design one game, to be included with the other three from Suda 51, Yasumi Matsuno and Yoshiyuki Hirai.

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