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Sony VP in UK and Ireland talks Vita pricing, says bigger memory cards on the way


Sony's Vice President and Managing Director from the UK and Ireland, Fergal Gara, talked with Eurogamer at the PS Vita launch last night in London, and said there's a lot more in store for the new handheld console. The current pricing and memory concerns are the results of "early days."

On price, for example, Gara says that the system is priced as low as Sony could get it on launch day, "not a lot above an iPod and a hell of a long way below a good tablet." Given the hardware included, Gara says Sony "priced it as attractively as we could afford to, frankly," with an eye toward creating a lasting product over the next few years.

Gara also admitted memory is a concern, with hefty downloadable games filling memory cards up quickly. Having learned from the Japanese Vita release, he says, Sony is already securing memory, chips and deals to release bigger cards in the UK, and presumably in North America as well.

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