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Kojima clarifies the 'ogre' in 'Project Ogre'

Jordan Mallory

Slowly but surely, sparse details regarding Hideo Kojima's "Project Ogre" begin to coalesce in the dark, nebulous void of unannounced games. We already know that Project Ogre will be an open world game with 100-plus hours of content, and that it will be a "very subdued experience," but what that experience actually is has remained a mystery.

We have learned, however, that Kojima's use of the word "Ogre" in the project's codename is literal, rather than figurative, and that the game will deal with actual ogres in some capacity, according to a tweet translated by Andriasang. It's also interesting to note that the Japanese word for ogre, "oni," can also be translated to mean "devil" or "demon," so we may end up with one of those rather than an actual ogre. Our prediction is that this whole thing turns out to be a licensed Urusei Yatsura dating game.

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