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Japanese hardware sales, February 13 - 19: Kasumi Ninja edition

Jordan Mallory

"I saw it, so now you have to see it," is a common phrase around the Joystiq offices. The course of our daily work takes us to many strange and unexpected parts of the Internet, and often times throughout the day someone on staff will witness something so horrible that it must be shared in order to save their own sanity.

Today, I've decided to extend that tradition to you, our beloved readers. While looking up pictures of the Atari Jaguar's monstrous controller to win an argument on Twitter, I stumbled across a fighting game I'd never heard of before: Kasumi Ninja. The game's muddy, generic graphics, Space Mutiny soundtrack and painfully faux-accented announcer are only the tip of this atrocity iceberg, and in order to free myself it, I must pass it on to you. I am so, so sorry.

3DS 94,667 (UP) 27,109 (40.13%)
PS3 21,993 (DOWN) 9 (0.04%)
PSP 14,824 (DOWN) 1,036 (6.53%)
Vita 12,309 (DOWN) 1,630 (11.69%)
Wii 7,874 (DOWN) 332 (4.05%)
PS2 1,433 (UP) 194 (15.66%)
Xbox 360 983 (DOWN) 156 (13.70%)
DSi LL 901 (DOWN) 56 (5.85%)
DSi 656 (UP) 5 (0.77%)

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