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Best Buy to simplify return policy: 30 days, all products (including iPad)


This past weekend, while noting the $50 discount on iPads at Best Buy now in force, I happened to mention the retailer's return policy for tablets (and desktop/laptop computers, as well): 14 days from purchase for a refund. That's aligned with Apple's retail rules, which also allow two weeks to change your mind. (Best Buy apparently is busy removing the iPad 2 from its inventory systems now, per Engadget.)

That mention caught the eye of a Best Buy insider, who reached out to let us know about an upcoming shift in the winds. Starting next week, Best Buy plans to offer 30-day returns on all items, iPads and Macs included. This simplification of the customer policies appears to be a major push for Best Buy this quarter, if the screenshots we got are legitimate.

An extra two weeks of no-questions-asked product return may not be an earthshaking change, but if you consider it compared to Apple policy, it might shift a few buying decisions. Amazon already offers 30-day returns on all electronics.

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