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Breakfast Topic: Do you have a special spot in WoW?


I bet you're all glad the whole Valentine's Day thing is long gone, so please rest assured this post is not about that! Let's say it's kind of inspired by that. Happy?

I count myself really lucky to have met a great guy through WoW. I hear it happens more than one might imagine, and I can only assume that that's because everyone who plays WoW is wonderful. I will not hear of your evidence to the contrary, so zip it.

When my sweetheart and I first started chatting in-game, a lot of the time it was PvP-related, and we used to duel on the top of the highest hill in the Stormwind area. It was the only place I even had a chance of winning at the time, seeing as I was a protection paladin with zero resilience and he was an experienced affliction warlock. Let's not discuss my dubious early PvP choices now, though.

That hill kind of became a special place by association, the place I'd go whenever I was idly wandering or just chatting rather than doing anything useful. It's got a great view and a lot of happy memories associated with it. So it made sense to me to get a Romantic Picnic Basket and Have Group Will Travel him up there on Valentine's.

Do you have a special place in WoW? It doesn't have to be for romantic reasons, of course -- it could be for anything. Why is it special to you? How did you find it? What do you do there and why?

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