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New York Post discusses Apple TV, subscriptions


A report from the New York Post, relayed by The Loop, suggests Apple is negotiating with content providers for a new streaming TV service that'll launch by the end of the year. SVP Eddy Cue has been the point man in the negotiations, which are not proceeding as quickly as Apple would like. Apple is supposedly pushing for a service that will offer channels as apps on its Apple TV and other devices.

The report claims Apple is also talking with telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T, hoping to strike a single deal that will encourage others to follow.

Though it's probably too early for Apple to unveil this TV service, the company may show us a new Apple TV at the upcoming March 7 event. Earlier rumors from 9to5 Mac suggest Apple might be ready to unveil a new Apple TV and, along with other signs, pointed to the lack of inventory at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon as proof. The Verge today also noticed that many Apple Stores are out of stock of the Apple TV and will be restocked on March 7.

[Via The Loop]

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