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SWTOR putting a mailbox on the Millennium Falcon (and other Q&A tidbits)


With the upcoming Guild Summit for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare had less time than usual to answer the weekly barrage of questions sent in by players, but an honest attempt was made to address some of them.

The biggest news to come out of this new Q&A is that BioWare will be improving ship functionality through the Legacy system. We know that this system will allow players to unlock beneficial and cosmetic features inside the game, and Principal Leads System Designer Damion Schubert confirms that two of those unlocks will be the addition of mailboxes and Galactic Trade Network access to player ships. Schubert also said that BioWare is on the verge of revealing all about Legacies: "Watch for more information about Legacy unlocks coming in Game Update 1.2 -- we should be dropping that Real Soon Now."

Other topics covered in the Q&A include endgame crafting gear, grey alignment rewards, why BioWare is sticking to a global maintenance window, the ability to turn off the smart camera in 1.2, and the mystery of the Accuracy stat.

[Thanks to Drakkonus for the tip!]

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