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Crimson Dragon spreads its wings in a new trailer


When we first heard Microsoft was backing a game called Project Draco, we thought it was a Harry Potter spinoff title featuring Draco Malfoy, Winky the house-elf and Minerva McGonagall in a Three's Company-style RPG. Turns out it's a flying shooter for Kinect starring dragons, which is way cooler, we admit.

Director Yukio Futatsugi described some specifics of Crimson Dragon, the official title for Project Draco, at a Microsoft event, listed by Famitsu and unofficially translated by XBLA enthusiast @lifeflower. According to the translation, Crimson Dragon will allow players to ride six different dragons, but Futatsugi showed three, the Blood Skin, Dark Shoulder and a hairy number called Snow Wing.

Check out a few pictures from the event showing off some blurry, big dragons, right here.

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