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Lineage II brings a full update of Harmony

Eliot Lefebvre

Harmony is a good thing wherever you can find it. It's true in work, it's true in friendship, and it seems to be true in Lineage II as well. The latest patch, Harmony, will be launching on March 7th and bringing a number of improvements to the upper tiers of leveling: new quests, a new dungeon, and several updates for skills. If you're already near the top of the leveling game, the new dungeon of Kartia's Labyrinth is your primary destination, with the option to enter solo or in a party at level 85, 90, or 95.

There are also a variety of new quests introduced, starting at level 76 and moving up. For lower-level characters, new Campaigns have been added; Campaigns are special zone-wide events that happen on a regular schedule and give everyone a chance at some bonus experience and Marks. New mentoring skills are also available to help low-level characters reach their full potential, the sort of thing that really inspires some harmonious behavior among players.

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