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Firefall video diary talks open-world design, shows pretty vistas

Jef Reahard

It's March, which means it's high time for another Firefall video dev diary. Today's installment is all about (open) world-building, and unlike many of its shooter contemporaries, Firefall features a sprawling, accessible open-world map.

As world-builders Bobby Ross and Nick Keith explain, the game's jetpacks allow players to traverse vast distances and explore every little nook and cranny to their hearts' content. One example of Firefall's breadth comes courtesy of "Mushroom Island," a huge rock formation that's initially visible on your first drop-ship ride. Ross says that scaling the enormous formation is a reward in and of itself, with a spectacular view of the game's newbie area waiting at the top of the path.

Keith goes on to explain how Firefall integrates its PvP maps into the rest of the open-world design, primarily by giving non-combatants the option to stop over and watch arena matches and various conflicts in certain designated cities. Check out this and more via the full video after the break.

[Source: Red 5 press release]

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