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XL lowers the curtain on ArcheAge CBT4, releases stats

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge's fourth Korean closed beta test is officially in the books, and XLGAMES has released a few noteworthy numbers from the three-month event. The test began on December 8th (that's a whopping 95 days ago if you're counting at home) and saw the creation of 173 guilds, the building of 3,400 houses, and the planting of 2,200,000 trees.

Players also bought (and sold) 130,000 livestock, 750,000 pine trees, and 660,000 strawberries, according to Korean news site ThisIsGame. CBT4 featured over 40 patches that introduced several new systems to the ArcheAge client, among them siege warfare, the family system, the pirate system, and aquaculture.

"We deeply appreciate the testers who participated [in] the long test of [an] incomplete game," said XL's Yong-Gon Kim. "Later schedule[s] [will] be announced as soon as we finish reviewing the test." Western fans are hoping these upcoming announcements will include some sort of English-speaking beta but thus far XL has been silent on the matter.

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