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Wizard101 creators to present the Digital Kids Conference opening keynote

Wizard101 creators Todd Coleman and Josef Hall will be opening the upcoming sixth annual Digital Kids Conference with a keynote address about their experience with engaging the youth market. The KingsIsle Entertainment duo will talk about their transition from hardcore gaming to creating a critically and commercially successful family-friendly game and (one can hope) the secrets of their genius. Wizard101 launched back in 2008 and has since grown in popularity to the tune of 25 million players spread throughout the Western hemisphere (with plans for near-future expansion into China). It is that recognized success that's made Coleman and Hall ideal candidates for the keynote, with the hopes that they'll spur others to greater heights.

The conference (formerly the Engage! Conference and Expo) will feature speakers from as disparate venues as the NFL, Cartoon Network, and Ubisoft, all focusing on interactive content to connect with kids in the digital world. The Digital Kids Conference covers the use of mobile apps, social games, social media, and virtual worlds to better understand creating and promoting products and content for a younger audience.

[Source: KingsIsle press release]

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