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The Engadget Show is live, here at 6:00PM ET!

Brian Heater

Are you strapped in? Got your helmets on? Good, because you're gonna need 'em this time out. We've got one action-packed, high-flying episode of The Engadget Show coming your way this month. We'll be testing the latest GoPro and Contour cameras in the deserts of Nevada and the skies above them, paying a visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and checking out the latest new 'bots from iRobot. We'll also be talking to Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux and media theorist Douglas Ruskoff. We'll be live tonight at 6PM ET, and you can join us at this very URL -- so keep your browser locked to this spot.

*** You can also stream the show live on your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.

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