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Draw Something hits 30 million downloads, overtakes Zynga on Facebook


The iOS phenomenon Draw Something has continued to blow up on an unprecedented level, and it's now reached another crazy milestone: The app has garnered 30 million downloads already, despite only being available to the public for about five weeks. And that's not all: Facebook says the app has picked up 10.8 million daily active users, which tops Zynga's Words with Friends' more than 8 million, thus making it the most popular app on the big blue social network. Pretty astounding, considering that just a few days ago we reported that the app had reached 20 million downloads.

It's hard to believe an iOS app has grown so huge so quickly, but sure enough, with the Internet and social networks and all of the various mechanics Apple has put together to share and grow these audiences, Draw Something is only the latest in a long line of incredible success stories. This kind of app is definitely a rarity, as most iOS developers will tell you, but it definitely shows the potential of just how big this software platform has become, and how quickly users will take to games like this.

As OMGPOP's Dan Porter says, "We want to make games for people that don't put games on their phone. ... That's how you get to massive scale." Apple has essentially made a smartphone for people who didn't buy smartphones, and because it did, there are mobile audiences out there like the one Draw Something has clearly found.

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