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Ninja Gaiden 3 getting free DLC weapons, multiplayer stages


Following Ninja Gaiden 3's launch next week, Tecmo Koei will release some post-launch goodies: four different pieces of free DLC content. According to Famitsu, these include two new weapons and two new stages for multiplayer.

The Eclipse Scythe and Moukinsou are a -- well, the scythe is a giant scythe. The Moukinsou are some giant claws that Ryu Hayabusa equips to his arms and legs. While the scythe is slow and powerful, the claws make for much more versatile and combo-heavy attacks.

Clan Battle, Ninja Gaiden 3's four-versus-four online multiplayer mode, will be bolstered by two additional stages: a desert-themed locale and perhaps the most iconic stage of battle for the ninja, a submarine. We can't tell you how many epic ninja battles we've seen go down several leagues under the sea, in a metal tube. It happens all the time.

Tecmo has yet to announce the release date of the above content.

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