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Bluetooth SIG embraces GNSS Profile 1.0 for GPS data sharing

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of a new Broadcom system that taps into the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in order to reduce first-lock times, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has quietly adopted GNSS Profile 1.0 for GPS data sharing. According to Phone Scoop, the profile can be used by all devices boasting Bluetooth 2.0 and up, and it'll allow GPS-enabled products to share positioning data with another nearby product over BT. Specifically, "the GNSS profile specification defines the Serial Port Profile (SPP) based transport mechanism and associated service discovery record parameters needed to establish a service level connection between two devices," which should make GPS data sharing as easy as contact sharing of yesteryear. Practical applications? With a plethora of location-based social networking apps already on the market, we're certainly playing the wait-and-see game on this one.

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