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HTC One V for Telus goes on the record with Sense 4.0 (video)


Remember the Legend? That, now ancient, lip-laden Android device has found a rebirth of sorts in the One V -- HTC's entry-level bid for budget smartphone dominance. Initially unveiled at this past Mobile World Congress, the handset was up for a hardware hands-on only, as its unfinished Ice Cream Sandwich OS wasn't quite ready for primetime. That's all changed now as the gang over at MobileSyrup got to take the diminutive fella, destined for a Telus berth, and its Sense 4.0 UX for a test drive. As you'll see in the video below, the phone moves along briskly and without hesitance despite its lack of a dual-core setup. Even ImageSense, the camera tech announced in Barcelona that allows for simultaneous video and photo capture, runs uninterrupted. We'd be remiss if we didn't point out that this is still an early build. So, when the 3.7-incher finally hits the Canadian operator sometime in the next two months, that Googlefied ride could get even smoother.

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