HTC One V: we go hands-on (video)

And here's the littlest addition to HTC's bid for mobile world domination -- the HTC One V. Well, at least the hardware's here. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take the OS for a spin, but we did take the opportunity to give the hardware a tour. Our impressions on the retro-chic handset are after the break, alongside a short -- but sweet -- video.

The size and feel of the One V will remind you a lot of the HTC Legend -- especially that aluminum unibody. The chin is right there; but it's curiously naked -- no optical nub, but a row of capacitive Android buttons is still part of HTC's design plans. A multitask button on the right corner proclaims that, yes, an entry-level Android phone can and will have Ice Cream Sandwich.

Unfortunately, we couldn't test it out on this inert device, but you can expect some minor tweaks compared to both the One X and One S, as it doesn't quite have the processing chops of its bigger brother. We're expecting less graphical aplomb but (hopefully) the same stable transition between screens and apps. We're aiming to get our hands on a working model as soon as possible, but hopefully the rest of the 2012 HTC family will satiate that phone lust for now.