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Alltop for iPad: A curated guide to what's happening


If you're familiar with Alltop, you'll know that the site touts itself as being able to answer the question "What's Happening?" rather than answering questions like "How many people use Macs?" The site, which author and former Apple marketing guru Guy Kawasaki has been involved in, now has a new iPad app available on the App Store. Alltop for iPad (Free) provides an iPad-friendly way to get the latest news, plucked fresh from the RSS feeds of over 35,000 sites and curated by the Alltop staff.

The ad-supported app (don't worry -- the ads are just in a strip at the bottom of the page) does a wonderful job of fitting a lot of information into the screen of an iPad. If you have a user name, you can have your own choices for curated info show up on your iPad when you launch the Alltop app.

One quick complaint about the app: do I really need to see an annoying little dialog shouting "Reticulating Splines" every time I change a page? It's unnecessary -- I know that the app is going to take a second or two to grab feed information and format it... One other issue is that unlike the website, where there's a simple plus sign to tap to add a feed to MyAlltop, there doesn't appear to be a one-tap way to add feeds from the app.

Still, it's free and if you're looking for a lot of curated info on a variety of topics, Alltop's iPad app is a good-looking and reasonably user-friendly app.

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