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Lead your Legion into Final Fantasy XI's March version update


Final Fantasy XI's March version update has hit the live servers, and it brings with it a few new bits of content as well as a wealth of updates and adjustments to current systems. The big new feature with this content update is the new Legion battle system, which "is a new battle system intended to challenge high-level adventurers in alliances of eighteen to thirty-six combatants."

The Legion system seems to play out like a cross between a survival and a time-attack game mode wherein players are tasked with eliminating as many high-level notorious monsters as they can within a 30-minute time limit. Each notorious monster the team successfully defeats will yield valuable items and Legion points that can be redeemed for a number of rewards. This is only a part of the new additions to the game available with the March update, though, so if you're interested in the complete details, just head on over to the Final Fantasy XI official forums and have a look.

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