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51% of households in the US own something made by Apple


According to a new survey put together by CNET, over half of all households in America now contain something made by our favorite company in Cupertino. Over 55 million homes in this country own something that Apple makes (whether that be a computer, an iOS device, or an Apple TV), which means that 51% of American households are now Apple product owners. And the stats get even crazier from there: Of households that own at least one device, the average amount of devices owned is three. So not only has Apple sold devices to half the country's homes, but that one device wound up the gateway device to more Apple gear.

Outside of the audience as a whole, Apple buyers tend to be more well-off, which we've not only heard before, but which makes a lot of sense, given how expensive multiple Apple devices can be. CNET's survey says that if there was an age gap on Apple's purchases, though, it's definitely narrowing. Older customers buy almost as many devices as younger folks, and a full 61% of households with kids owns an Apple device as well.

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