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Engadget Podcast 287 - 03.29.2012

Trent Wolbe

You know those shows where we're all iPad this, iPhone that? This isn't one of them. Today we're doing it all, heading to the department store of consumer electronics news categories and picking random stuff off the shelves of all ten floors to chat about until someone from the UK calls or tweets @us to distract us into talking about something else. And yes, we did stop by the Apple floor for a few minutes too. So sue us (lawsuit joke).

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Guests: Dana Wollman, Dan Cooper, Richard Lai
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

00:02:55 - The Engadget Show 31: Douglas Rushkoff, Sony, iRobot, MWC and air combat
00:04:58 - Sony pulls another game from PlayStation Store after new Vita exploit found
00:09:43 - Best Buy to close 50 big box US retail stores, open 100 Mobile stand-alone outlets in 2013
00:18:15 - Samsung ships five million Galaxy Notes in just five months
00:25:45 - RIM putting BlackBerry 10 test units in developers' hands in May
00:29:58 - Apple offers refund over Australian 4G iPad confusion
00:33:25 - Tim Cook pays a visit to a Foxconn factory, smiles for the camera
00:37:35 - Nokia unveils the Lumia 800 in China, calls it the 800C
00:42:39 - US Judge rejects Hasbro / ASUS sales ban, Transformer Prime prevails
01:03:46 - Boston Dynamics lies down with BigDog, gets giant fleas (video)

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