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It came from the Blog: Join us for a scavenger hunt


This weekend, the It came from the Blog family of guilds will be hosting a scavenger hunt! Here are the details:
  • When: Saturday, March 31 at 1 p.m. EDT (10 a.m. PDT, 11 a.m. server time)
  • Where: Meet at the throne room in the Ruins of Lordaeron on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H)
  • Who: Any level Horde character
  • How: Ask any It came from the Blog member for an invite, if you are not already in one of our guilds
This will be an all-levels event, as we will not be forming a raid group. However, those with mounts will have an advantage. Money will be provided for those characters short on cash. Keep paper and a writing utensil on hand in the physical world so that you can write down the scavenger hunt items.

I will be giving out the list right at the beginning of the event, so punctuality will be rewarded. I'll repeat it, of course, but I will make sure the prompt players get a good head start.

We hope to see you there!

Please join us on Zangarmarsh (US-PVE-H) in It came from the Blog. All guild ranks can invite, so /whisper Roblinator or any online member. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules -- basically, don't be a funsucker! Visit the guild FAQ for more details.

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