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Google Maps comes to ... the NES?! [April Fools!]

Jordan Mallory

In a move that is as surprising as it is whimsically delightful, Google has decided to bring its globally renowned and often essential Google Maps service to one of the best-selling home computing solutions of all time: The Nintendo Entertainment System.

As demonstrated in the video above, using Google Maps on your NES/Famicom is just as easy as using it on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Simply insert the cartridge into the system, remove it, blow into it, reinsert it back into the system, attach a phone line and you're ready to go. Google's cloud of servers compensate for the NES's lack of processing prowess, allowing for a quick, seamless experience.

While Google Maps for NES has yet to begin shipping, a demo version is available at the web-based Google Maps portal -- just click on the Quest button on the top right to begin your adventure.

Update: Rather than play along with these gags as they happen, we've decided instead to tag each April Fools' Day prank as such in the headline, in order to avoid as many dashed hopes as possible. For what its worth, we want this to be real as much as you do.

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