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What companies often forget to consider when adopting tablets


In the past year, companies have adopted the iPad in large numbers, but, as the Wall Street Journal points out, it's not always an easy process. The article points out five pitfalls that many companies experience when they buy tablets for their employees without any foresight or concrete plans.

For example, companies are often surprised when the final bill for a tablet and all its accessories is more expensive than a typical laptop. They are also taken aback when they can't find the software they need to use the iPad as a notebook replacement. Businesses are also at a loss when they try to secure the tablets and realize the tools to lock down a device and encrypt its data are not as robust as the Windows tools they are accustomed to using.

If you work for a small or large business that's considering iPads, then you should add this Wall Street Journal report to your must-read list. You could avoid the costly mistakes mentioned above and help ensure that your tablet strategy is sound and your deployment smooth.

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