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Amoebattle on App Store today, DSiWare version coming soon


It's not often we hear about near-concurrent DSiWare/iPhone releases, so any such game automatically gets an element of novelty. Intrinsic Games, creator of DSiWare's Divergent Shift, is doing just that.

Amoebattle is a simple RTS in which you control a group of amoebas in a microscopic campaign. Originally designed as a DS game, the iPhone version made it to market first -- it's available from the App Store today for $5. The DSiWare version has been approved by Nintendo and will be released soon, though there's no specific date yet.

Intrinsic seems to be developing "iOS/DSiWare" into a full-on business model; a previous App Store release, Penguin Patrol, is due for release on DSiWare tomorrow. All are published by Grab Games, who recently acquired Intrinsic.

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