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Grasshopper working on 'Killer is Dead' for PS3 and Xbox 360


Famitsu reveals the next collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and publisher Kadokawa games: Killer is Dead, which is not directly related to Killer 7 -- though, of course, 90% of Grasshopper games are about assassins anyway. In Killer is Dead, players take the role of an "Executioner" who hunts down "S Level" criminals and kills them with a sword.

According to Famitsu (according to Andriasang) the sword action will be similar to No More Heroes. Suda is in charge of the scenario and acting as executive producer, so expect leather jackets and wrestling masks like in No More Heroes as well.

Key words and themes for the game include "Moon and Earth," "Brilliant Game," and "Love." We'll find out what all that means as the 2013 release approaches for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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