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Joystiq's new commenting system is live


We've augmented the post-post punditry on Joystiq with a new conversation platform called Livefyre. You'll see it at the bottom of this post and every news story, review and feature following it. There are a couple of major differences between this new vector for your opinions, and the ancient, rickety thing we optimistically called a commenting system:
  1. It's not the worst thing ever.
  2. It allows for real-time updates, and lets you create and follow nested conversations.
  3. You can sign in with any one of six different social network accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Gmail (just click "Sign in" at the top left of the Livefyre window to get started).
  4. You can blast your wittiest comments back out to your friends on Twitter and Facebook, even if they don't read Joystiq.
  5. Feel free to flag comments for being off-topic or inappropriate. You can be more granular with your grievances now, as opposed to the generic "report" function we had before. This will make it much easier for us to ban the true trolls!
  6. On-screen bubbles notify you when a new comment has been made above or below the point you're currently reading.
  7. Once you're signed in, you can adjust your personal information (click on "edit profile") and when you'd like to receive email notifications, if any.
If you've been a reader for a very long time, you may be irked to learn that we are not importing your old comments into Livefyre. Rather than delay the upgrade in order to preserve so much content of questionable relevance, we opted to start everything anew.

Provided you're already part of the supported social networks, signing in will be a cinch, and we hope the reduced anonymity will make for friendlier conversation. We'll be ironing out some bugs too, so let us know if you see anything weird and upsetting, like headlines swallowing videos, or a positive review of Kinect: Star Wars.

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