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Step inside MechWarrior Online's MechLab and choose your weapon


Over the past weeks, we've been seeing a steady drip of information about MechWarrior Online's various BattleMechs and the customization options available to players to make each 'Mech unique. Today, Piranha Games is giving players an inside look at the MechLab, which is the in-game interface players will use to modify their machines of death and destruction.

The MechLab uses what the studio calls a hardpoint system, which essentially means that weapons can only be swapped out for other weapons of the same type. For instance, energy weapons can be swapped only for other energy weapons, while ballistic weapons can be changed out only for other ballistic weapons. 'Mech customization also relies on a weight system meaning that each 'Mech has a maximum weight that it cannot exceed, so players will have to pick and choose between numerous lightweight enhancements or fewer, heavier ones (or some combination thereof). The full system, as fans of the series undoubtedly expect, is quite robust, so hop in the cockpit and jump-jet your way over to the official dev blog for the full details.

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