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Gaming classic Snake gets charmed by geeks with flutes and Arduino (video)


Nerds. Where would we be without their idle tinkering? Still pushing stones, we gather. But were it not for those breakthroughs, both high and low, us common folk would never know the charm of seeing the classic game Snake played with the use of ordinary recorders. No, not a tape or video recorder -- we're talking flutes here and, naturally, Arduino. With the aid of a hacked-to-bits Nokia 6110i, mobile engineering collective Kitchen Budapest was able to program directional controls for the retro title in Max/MSP (music software) via pitch detection, paving the way for one-note recreational fun. Eager for a peek of this flautastic feat in action? Then jump past the break to gaze at a slickly produced video tour of this novel, nostalgic hack.

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