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PAX East strategy guide and helpful apps


As thousands (including the whole Joystiq crew) make their way to Boston in preparation for PAX East 2012 this weekend, it helps to have a cheat sheet of useful links to survive the three-day event. ThriftyNerd has a helpful post featuring links for apps, events and Twitter accounts to follow and get the latest going on at (and around) the show -- we recommend following the Joystiq crew's twitters as well.

Guidebook is the official PAX East guide app. If you're using public transportation in Boston, there are many apps available, but we'd steer you toward the OpenMBTA app, available in iPhone, iPad and Android flavors. Also, don't forget to stop by our Joystiq Show live, happening at 3PM on Saturday, April 7, in the Manticore Theatre. See you at the show!

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