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Not all arcades are dead: The story of one kid's DIY cardboard arcade


Caine is not your average nine year-old boy. In his dad's used auto parts store in LA, he's constructed his own DIY cardboard arcade -- it's there now; you can totally go see it and play.

Seriously, the kid built his own claw machine! He's even devised a security system so that people won't rip him off when paying for a Fun Pass, which grants patrons 500 plays a month for $2.

But the problem was nobody was coming in to play Caine's games. His dad's shop wasn't in an area of LA with a lot of foot traffic, but a chance encounter with Nirvan Mullick lead to something special: an organized flashmob. Mullick filmed everything, creating a short film that is set to debut on October 28 at DIY Days at UCLA.

This kid is the best and why are you not watching the video already?

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