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LogMeIn branches out from its remote desktop roots, intros Cubby cloud sharing service

Joe Pollicino

Ready for yet another option in world of cloud storage services? LogMeIn today announced it's ready to get in on the remote storage action with its own offering, built atop its Gravity Data Service, dubbed Cubby. Currently in beta, Cubby allots you 5GB of storage in the cloud, while allowing you to turn your Mac, PC and any folders into "virtual cubbies." You'll be able to sync selected data between your choice of devices and even share access (read-only if needed) to specific cubbies for collaborative efforts -- and although the service is free, there's no limit on how much data you can move between your machines. Better yet, iDevices and Androids are also supported via LogMeIn's free Cubby apps. If you've been looking for another option aside from the likes of Pogoplug and Dropbox, you can request an invite to the service by hitting up the source link below. If you'd like more details in the meantime, check out the press release after the break.

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LogMeIn previews new cloud sharing service: 'Cubby'

First offering to showcase LogMeIn's new cloud data sync and storage services

WOBURN, Mass. – April 12, 2012 - LogMeIn Inc. (NASDAQ: LOGM), the company behind the popular namesake remote access service, has just opened the beta of 'Cubby', an all new cloud data service to simply and securely share information across PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, or with other people. The first service built on LogMeIn's very own cloud data sync and storage platform, Cubby lets people turn any number of PC or Mac folders into 'cubbies' that can be accessed from other devices, stored in the cloud, and shared with colleagues and friends. Cubby also gives people the option to simply share or sync an unlimited amount of information across their devices for free, and without ever counting against cloud storage limits. As a result, people have the flexibility to share and access information across their devices without having to worry about creating a new, separate version of their digital life in the cloud.

People interested in participating in the Cubby beta, which includes 5GB of cloud storage, free unlimited syncing across devices, as well as apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows, can request an invitation at

"When it comes to sharing data in the cloud today, most solutions on the market are ultra simple but inflexible, or highly flexible but inherently complex. We see Cubby as an opportunity to deliver an ideal balance of simplicity and flexibility," said Marton Anka, LogMeIn's CTO. "It is designed to adapt to the way people naturally interact with their information -- to deliver the benefits of the cloud without forcing people to change their behavior."

Cubby highlights:

· Any folder can be a cubby – People can simply use the folders they have – their existing PC or Mac folders – or they can take advantage of a simple, easy-to-use default cubby. There's no need to put files and documents into a single cloud folder/box, and no need to recreate existing folders.

· Share your stuff across devices for free, cloud optional – People can share their stuff across their devices for free, without being restricted by cloud data storage limitations. Cubbies can be stored to the cloud or simply synced across devices.

· Decide what content gets shared across which devices – Any cubby and its content can be synced to selected devices. So people can keep their work, personal and family information as separate as they'd like. No need to have those family holiday photos on your work PC or a copy of the latest TPS report from the office on your kid's Macbook.

· Multiple ways to share and collaborate with others – Cubbies and their content can be shared with others either by inviting them into a cubby, which lets both parties see, work with, and sync content; or they can simply send people read-only links to files and cubbies.

· Simple access from anywhere, any device – Cubby can be accessed from any web browser, comes standard with Mac and PC desktop apps, and offers a free iPad and iPhone app in the Apple App Store and a free Android app in Google Play.

· Architected for security -- Built on the same architecture used for LogMeIn's connectivity products, Cubby takes advantage of industry best encryption standards to ensure data is protected at all times. As a key additional step, Cubby is designed in a way that gives users the ability to be the sole owner and holder of their encryption keys.

LogMeIn's New Data Services

Cubby is built on LogMeIn's Gravity Data Services, LogMeIn's own, proprietary data synchronization and storage cloud. Architected to deliver secure, high-scale data sync and storage capabilities at incredibly low cost, the new Gravity Data Services has been designed to help bring new offerings, like Cubby, to market, as well as to introduce cloud data benefits into virtually any other offering, service or application. LogMeIn plans to use Gravity Data Services to expand its suite of essential cloud offerings, add a variety of new cloud data capabilities to its existing family of access, customer care and remote IT management products, and create opportunities for 3rd parties to build their own cloud offerings on LogMeIn's platform.

"Anywhere, anytime, any device access to information is quickly going from aspiration to expectation, and we're only in the beginning of the post-PC era. We believe Gravity Data Services will play a key role in delivering the essential cloud services required in a time when virtually anything can be connected to the Internet," said Michael Simon, LogMeIn's CEO. "We see this as both a natural extension of our business today and key step towards dramatically expanding the types of services we offer to consumers and businesses in the future."

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