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WoW Moviewatch: Reality


I try to moderate how many clip machinima videos I post here. Yes, WoW is pretty awesomely beautiful, and the landscapes are so tasty I wish I could stick my tongue through the monitor and lick it. We all pretty much agree that WoW is pretty. While I'm always down with helping to encourage creativity and new videos, if I posted every landscape and clip video I receive, this column wouldn't have room for all the blood elf rap videos you kids like so much.

Reality is basically a series of clips strung together with some background music. Our minds weren't blown away yet. You know what made the difference? This video is gorgeous. Maybe it's something about the original material's resolution or the well-chosen colors, or maybe I'm just seeing colors as super-vivid today. But this is just a gorgeous piece of eye candy. Take the time check it out; hopefully, you'll feel the same.

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