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Peter Molyneux 'not that interested' in retail


Who goes into a store to buy games anymore? A lot of people, surprisingly, but Peter Molyneux ain't feeling it. For him, it's all about digital distribution.

"The incentives for driving me out of my seat and into a shop is becoming increasingly limited. I don't go to retail to buy a film. I don't go to retail to buy music. I don't go to buy books any more. And I'm certainly not that interested in buying games in shops, myself," he told Develop. "If you look at everything that's exciting, from the resurgence of PC to iPad and iPhones, it's hard to see where retail fits into that."

Molyneux, who recently left Microsoft and started up his own studio, 22 Cans, is hard at work on his first game under the new roof. It's unclear whether that title will rely entirely on digital distribution, but Molyneux has gone on record as saying it'll be his "best" game ever. We wouldn't take that at face value, though; he says that about every one of his games.

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