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ASUS to unveil new K and N series notebooks at Milano Design Week


ASUS still hasn't clued us in how it'll have us experiencing "infinity," but it is letting some of its other plans for Milano Design Week slip -- namely its N56, N76, N46 and K55 notebooks. Notebook Italia gave the rigs a quick pre-show rundown. The new machines in the N-series lineup are reported to ship with 8GB of DDR3 1333 MHz RAM, up to 1TB HDD space, a Blu-ray or DVD combo drive and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 635m GPU, all driven by various Sandy Bridge CPUs, depending on the model. The K55 mirrors this almost exactly, save for the substitution of a GeForce GT 630m. Notebook Italia says that while these machines are currently slated to launch with Intel's current architecture, Ivy Bridge variants should crop up soon after the CPU hits the market. Curiosity piqued? Check out the source links below for more details, or just stick around -- Design Week is only a couple of days away.

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