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Microsoft details memory reclaiming process within Metro-style apps

Darren Murph

Microsoft has made clear that Metro-style apps will be "suspended" when they aren't the foremost app that's running, enabling the associated CPU to divert its power to more... shall we say, pressing matters. But for those wondering about memory in the aforesaid scenario, there's an entire post now dedicated to explaining precisely that. Microsoft's own Bill Karagounis -- group program manager on the Fundamentals team -- has penned a behind-the-scenes look at how memory will be reclaimed within Windows 8, even when Metro-style apps are suspended. The long and short of it is this: starting with Windows 8 Consumer Preview, "whenever Windows detects memory pressure on the system, it will repurpose nearly all the memory that suspended Metro style apps would otherwise hold onto; [the OS] can reclaim this memory without having to terminate an app." For those seeking an even deeper understanding, the source link has your name written all over it.

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