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Whiteman Technology unveils Delta DVR for hopeful HD lovers


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Do you fancy a HTPC gussied-up as a DVR? Well, you're in luck, because Ryan Whiteman's just built one: the Delta DVR. Powered by an AMD system-on-chip, it runs Windows and Media Center for embedded devices, recording up to six HD channels at once on its 3TB HDD. It can also stream PC game titles from the cloud and run Android apps, controllable with any gamepad that'll plug into one of the four front-mounted USB ports. It'll also act as a DLNA node pulling stored photos, music and movies from your home network over 802.11n WiFi. It'll be unveiled tomorrow at the DEMO trade-show and we've pinged the company to find out when we can expect news on a release date or price.

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Whiteman Technology Introduces Revolutionary New Consumer DVR

The Delta DVR Enables Consumers to Replace Multiple Home Entertainment Devices With a Single, Easy to Use Device

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - Whiteman Technology today revealed the Delta DVR. Based on Windows Embedded, the Delta DVR is one of the first Set-Top-Boxes utilizing Windows Media Center. While capable of recording up to 6 HD channels simultaneously to a 3TB hard drive, there is much more to the Delta DVR than just watching and recording television. Voice control has been integrated into the Delta DVR, providing consumers with a fun and innovative way to interact with their television. The newest AMD Embedded APU has been leveraged to support advanced 3D graphics for gaming. Android Applications can be downloaded, providing users with a plethora of applications from the start. All of this is accessed through the familiar Windows Media Center, delivering users a smooth and streamlined interface.

For more information about the Delta DVR, visit or visit us in the DEMO Spring 2012 pavilion at booth # D15. The Delta DVR will be demoed live from the DEMO Spring 2012 stage at 3:48 PM on Thursday, April 19th, 2012.

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