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CCP shows off seven years of DUST 514 skill training

Jef Reahard

CCP recently said that it would take seven years to max out every skill in its DUST 514 MMOFPS. If you want to see what that improbable feat looks like on a DUST character screen, head to fansite (or check out the video clip behind the cut).

"Much like in real life, and in EVE Online, we don't expect that a player will master all of these skills," explains CCP marketing guru David Reid. Specialization is the name of DUST 514's skill game, and Reid says that most players will probably choose a few skills and "get really, really good at them."

DUST isn't just about skills, though. It's an MMO, and an MMO means gear, so the game will launch with upwards of a thousand items (the vast majority of which can be lost in battle). How do you manage and equip these items? Through the fitting screen, of course, and today's video gives us a good look at the system in action.

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