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Square Enix hints, nudges and winks about The World Ends With You sequel

Jordan Mallory

The World Ends With You is, besides being an excellent name for a My Chemical Romance song, one of the few non-Final Fantasy RPGs from Square Enix to obtain cult classic status. The last we heard of a potential sequel to the teenager-infused romp through Shibuya was in August of 2010, when series artist Tetsuya Nomura said "I definitely want to make a sequel."

Fast-forward about a year, and The World Ends With You protagonist Neku is spotted as one of the many cameos during Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance's Tokyo Game Show demo. Now, Nomura has said that TWEWY supporting character Raimu, who never spoke during the original game, will also be in Kingdom Hearts 3D and will be fully voice acted "out of consideration of the future of The World Ends With You series," according to an interview translated by Andriasang.

If that weren't powerfully tantalizing on its own, Nomura also said that "there probably is something" coming in the series' future, though he couldn't speak in specifics at the time. He also laughed mid-sentence, according to the translation, although there's no context provided to indicate whether the laugh was the playful chuckle of an appreciative artist, or the maniacal cackling of a man manipulating the hearts of thousands. Without this vital context clue, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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