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Kickstarter alternative 'Gambitious' coming to Europe this summer

Jordan Mallory

Kickstarter has, for better or worse, blown up the entire indie gaming scene, with everyone and their dog taking to the service in the hopes of being the next Double Fine. Kickstarter does have one major thing holding it back, however, and that's the fact that U.S. residency is required to enroll on Amazon Payments – the e-commerce backbone that powers the website.

European indie developers may have an alternative fairly soon, albeit with a few fundamental differences. Dutch company Gambitious seeks to fill the crowdfunding void across the pond with its own service, but rather than donating funds to receive gifts like a pledge drive, Gambitious users actually purchase shares of a game's development. Upon successful completion of the game, the user receives dividends like a traditional investor, rather than a copy of the game or a lunch date with one of its art directors.

The service is scheduled to launch sometime around E3, and while it will initially be limited to European territories, international expansion is part of Gambitious' long-term game plan.

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