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EU TERA fans petition to bring the blood back

Jef Reahard

Controversy, thy name is TERA. The latest brouhaha around En Masse and Frogster's soon-to-be-released action MMO has to do with some good old-fashioned censorship. In a nutshell, Frogster is removing blood effects from the Euro version of the game. As a result, peeved players have taken to the forums, venting their frustration in a 2300-post threadnaught and threatening to take their business to the North American version of TERA (which En Masse has said it will not be censoring).

A few disgruntled players have even started an online petition to save TERA's European ultra-violence. There's also an open letter to Frogster on the official EU boards.

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us!]

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