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Report: Microsoft readying 'Woodstock' music service for Xbox 360, to debut at E3


When you think modern, digital music, your mind probably immediately jumps to 30-plus-year-old music festivals. Microsoft clearly understands this, as the company is allegedly preparing a relaunch/rebranding of its Xbox 360 Zune music service to be debuted at E3 2012, dubbed "Woodstock." The Verge's report comes from "sources familiar with the company's plans;" said report paints Woodstock as functional across a variety of platforms beyond the 360: Windows 8, iOS, and Android. Despite an E3 introduction, the service isn't planned for launch until this fall when Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 arrive.

iTunes Match-esque functionality is also said to be part of Woodstock which will upload your library and match it with anything you've snagged from Woodstock. The report calls the service, "Spotify-like," with Facebook integration intended to allow collaboration on playlists and let users share tracks between libraries. We've asked Microsoft for a response to the report, but aren't expecting much beyond a wordy "no comment." We'll update this post if we hear anything else.

Update: Shock! Microsoft reps tell Joystiq, "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." Back to listening to our Woodstock live album for now.

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