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Seven Souls' 1.1 patch raises level cap, adds new dungeons and gear

Jef Reahard

If you've grown bored in Seven Souls Online, the 1.1 patch is reason to celebrate. Neowiz is raising the level cap to 50 and adding plenty of new items and gear to match.

The sci-fantasy adventure also boasts new dungeons that include the Hall of Resurrection (levels 39 to 43) and Purgatorium (levels 45 and up). Both of these gauntlets will dole out "fantastic rewards" upon completion. Finally, gamers can look forward to the new Western Mikan Plains zone as well a huge number of new quests and items to loot and trade. If you're still looking for something to do after you've conquered all the new content, Neowiz is hosting a Lineage of the Sky guild PvP tournament.

Further details on Seven Souls' 1.1 patch and the PvP event are available at the game's official web destination.

[Source: Neowiz press release]

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