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Take a tour of Guild Wars 2's Asuran starting experience... for science!


Hopeful denizens of Tyria are almost certainly gearing up for this weekend's Guild Wars 2 public beta test, but fans of all things mad-science are probably a bit disappointed that the insa-- err, innovative Asura won't be playable this time around. Not to worry, though; the folks over at PC Gamer got an inside look at the first 10 levels of the Asura starting experience for your pleasure.

Of course, if there's one thing that fans of the minuscule mad scientists know to expect from the race's crazed experiments, it's that they operate entirely within the realm of Murphy's Law. That of course holds true for the Asura starting experience, which sees players battling against the rebel Asuran Inquest while also dealing with the myriad failed science projects of their compatriots. For some of the highlights of the Asuran introductory story, go check out the full article at PC Gamer.

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