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Wizard101 creator announces new game: Pirate101


Ahoy, maties! Put down your wands and grab the nearest parrot, for you're about to head out onto the high seas with KingsIsle! The makers of the hit Wizard101 have announced their next project: the swashbuckling world of Pirate101.

Using a similar business model, full voice-over, same universe and same art style as Wizard101, KingsIsle is fashioning a unique pirate game with its second MMO. Players get to choose one of five classes for their piratey career: Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler, or Musketeer. No matter what they pick, players will captain their own flying (yes, flying) ships and take off for adventure in fantastic environments such as skyways, lost cities of gold, and ancient ruins. There will also be companions to pick up along the way for use in combat, and players can naturally join forces to complete quests and battle the oppressing force threatening the world.

Creative Director Todd Coleman thinks that this free-to-play title stretches the studio's imagination and reach. "We've created a world of treacherous pirates, faithful companions, tactical battles and gorgeous environments," he says. "Pirate101 fuses the key lessons we've learned from Wizard101 with entirely new design, setting and gameplay mechanics. We've succeeded in creating a game that is very different from Wizard101, but remains comfortable and familiar."

Pirate101 is currently in alpha and will be released in 2012. Watch for our upcoming interview with KingsIsle coming soon!

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[Source: KingsIsle Entertainment press release]

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