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Star Trek Online announces junior officer appreciation weekend


We all know how the story goes: Starfleet captain goes out on an away mission, kills some of the locals, and comes back home to a hero's welcome. Bah! What about the little guys? What about the poor redshirts who were callously thrown to the lions so that their captains could sit and watch from the comfort of space, huh? Well thankfully, Cryptic Studios is not blind to the contributions of Star Trek Online's junior officers, and the studio has announced a junior officer appreciation weekend in their honor.

From today, April 27th, until Monday, April 30th, STO players will be able to give back to their valued junior officers in the form of up to 50% bonus commendation experience for all duty officer assignments. In addition, captains can receive a free purple-quality duty officer "with a unique active roster power," and any duty officer packs opened during the course of the event will each contain a free additional green-quality or better duty officer, so if you're looking to pad out your junior officer roster after the redshirt massacre that happened last mission, now's the perfect time to do so. Just head on over to the STO official site for the full details.

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